Blue River Blues

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A one-person storytelling memoir about life as a Snowmobile Tour Guide at the Athabasca Glacier in 1979. Jim Sands (CHARLIE: A Hockey Story, The Shakuhachi Quest and Dating für Dumb Heads) uses stories, songs and images to tell an true tale of glaciers, gorbies and grand theft auto told against the glorious spectacle of the Rocky Mountains.


Winnipeg Fringe Festival (July18 - 29, 2018)

Venue: #7 The Cinematheque (100 Arthur Street)

Performance Schedule: 
July 18 7:30 PM
July 20 5:30 PM
July 21 1:45 PM
July 22 4:45 PM
July 24 10:00 PM
July 25 12:15 PM
July 27 2:15 PM
July 28 9:15 PM
July 29 7:00 PM


Watch this space for further details.


Jim Sands is an East Vancouver based storyteller, actor, songwriter, musician and occasional clown who has performed both as a solo artist and with a variety of musical groups.


ON TWITTER: @jimsandspresent

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